Teleshops images
Pursuing our goal to become Afghanistan’s leading cellular network, we have established our own network of shops, offices and kiosks. Salaam Teleshops are present at strategic locationsand we are further expanding our network across the length and breadth of Afghanistan. For information regarding location, establishment and operations of Teleshop please feel free to visit the Teleshop nearest to you or call our 24/7 Customer Service by dialling (744 or 0744 444 444).

Our Teleshops are located in the following cities:

Kabul City:

Pashtonistan Watt, PTT Building, Infront of Ministry of Justice

Qalayee Fatehuallah, 12th Street.

Khair Khana, First Part, 11th Zone Street, Near to Park.

Macroreyan 2, Press Street, Near to Ehsan Burger.

Kartayee Naw, Between Second and Third Street.






Now you can get Salaam SIM from all mobile stores in your own cities.