Managing Director's Message

Under the stewardship of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Salaam has been established with a view to complement the nationwide fixed and CDMA network with 3G GSM voice and data services and is committed to cater to the diversified and ever-growing communication needs of a multiplying consumer-base through clarity, quality and honesty.

Offering a new experience of 3G connectivity at highly affordable rates, Salaam is committed to remain at the forefront of technology by launching 4G services soon.

Relying on our dedicated team of committed professional with deep industry knowledge and unsurpassable skills, Salaam is committed to enter a new era of reliable and value-smart communications in Afghanistan. We shall further expand our network and coverage from urban centres to the smallest villages and difficult to access areas to keep everyone,anytime, everywhere in Afghanistan connected to one network: Salaam, the choice of Afghans.